About Us

Dr. Brad DiCarlo brings a unique style of compassionate veterinary care to Charlottesville, VA. A member of the local Charlottesville community since July 2008, he provides care to pets of all varieties, shapes and sizes.

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Our commitments to you and your pet:

  • We will always present the best possible options for care for your pet.
  • We will always include you in decisions around your pet’s care, ensuring the right care for your pet and for your family’s personal situation.
  • We will always treat you and your family with the caring and compassion we would afford our own family and friends.
  • We will always uphold the latest Fear Free practices and policies to minimize any fear, anxiety or stress that your pet may experience at the vet.

Our Team

We are animal lovers and people lovers. We have spouses, kids and pets of our own. We understand that your family pet is important to you.

Our team has been carefully selected to ensure your pets are cared for by the most skilled and welcoming caregivers in Charlottesville. Led by Dr. Brad DiCarlo and lead veterinary technician Marthe Thomas, our team knows how to put your pets (and you) at ease, working together with your family to develop a plan of care that suits your pet’s health and your family’s well-being. All of our team members are Fear-Free Certified Professionals, and are dedicated to ensuring your pets have the best possible experience at the vet.

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Meet the Team

I have seen Dr. DiCarlo for years, and it has been a great comfort to be able to consult with a vet who could provide a tailored approach and retained an excellent working memory of what could be best for Stubby.

Brendan Fox